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Cal-Med Company News
    • June 2011 - Cal-Med Announces EMR Certification Testing. This week Cal-Med signed up with the Drummond Group to start the testing process to become a certified EMR software solution. The Drummond Group is a recognized certifying body by the federal government. We are very pleased to announce this news and are looking forward to the process of testing and becoming fully certified to meet the government stimulus requirements. The first available date for testing with the Drummond Group is August 19th, 2011. Cal-Med has locked in this testing date and will start testing on that day.  
    • April 2011 - Cal-Med Welcomes Chris Urzua, Sales Manager. Chris possesses over 10 years of experience in sales. Chris has joined us to handle the high demand for our products and services and we feel certain that Chris will be a valuable contributor to the Cal-Med team. He will be calling or emailing our clients in the near future to introduce himself and discuss some of the latest and greatest from the Practice Expert Software line.
    • January 2011- Cal-Med Joins Facebook! Its hard to avoid something as popular as Facebook so Cal-Med decided to embrace it. Our development team is currently working on our Facebook page as a means of keeping our clients up-to-date on changes and updates to the Practice Expert system and changes in the Healthcare IT and billing landscape. There is a lot of potential with a Cal-Med Facebook page and we look forward to sharing it with you. Cal-Med is very excited to join the rest of the world in joining Facebook and the world of social networking.
    • November 2010 - Cal-Med Document Imaging Module Now Interfaces with Word. Cal-Med's Document Imaging Module can now import Microsoft Word documents into the Practice Expert database. Along with Word documents, PDF's and multiple types of image files can be imported as well. Our clients love being able to scan and import documents into a database which allows their employees to access them from any Practice Expert workstation. Best of all, they can be attached to a patient's account so you can see all documents related to a particular patient from one window.

    • October 2010 - Cal-Med Adds New Features to Practice Expert E-Rx  Module. The Practice Expert E-Rx module now has many more features than it did just last month. Our development team has been working hard implementing Drug to Drug and Drug to Allergy checking. We have also added Formulary, Medication History and Mail Order capability. These are just the newest features, other features include the ability to send prescriptions and receive refill requests electronically and full integration with your current Practice Expert system. Remember, you don't have to be using our EMR to use our E-Prescribing module, it works as a stand alone feature as well. Not to mention that there is still a Medicare incentive in place for physicians that prescribe using a certified application.

    • March 2010 - Cal-Med Now Interfaces with Quest Diagnostics. Quest Diagnostics is one of the largest labs in the country. Virtually every office receives results from Quest and now they can be electronically transmitted read for the doctors to look at. Cal-Med now offers an electronic interface with Quest Diagnostics. Using cutting edge technology that makes sure that your office has the results almost as soon as Quest has them in their computers. No more losing lab reports or clipping them to paper charts for the physicians to look at. Just like our E-Prescribing module, our Quest Diagnostics interface can be used independently whether or not your office is using our EMR module.

    • May 2010 - New Payment Type Option with Cal-Med Practice Expert. More and more our clients are receiving payments via EFT, or Electronic Fund Transfer. Insurance companies are moving this way in an effort to save money. Practice Expert now has a payment type option of EFT when you are posting payments. The update is now available at the Cal-Med's website under downloads.

    • February 2010 - Cal-Med's New Dashboard for Electronic Medical Records Module. For our clients that use our Electronic Medical Records and have updated recently you may have noticed our new Physician dashboard and Nurse/PA dashboard. The Cal-Med development team has been working hard to develop a dashboard that will act as the central hub for our Electronic Medical Records Module. Doctors can manage patients, orders and more from one screen. 

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