Robust practice management with easy navigation.

Streamline your practice management with the system that does
everything you need easily and with as few clicks as possible.
Seamless Information Flow
Because they're completely integrated, information flows smoothly from your EMR to your PMS to your billing system. Plus, your PMS manages everything from patient scheduling to inventory, all in one system and with easy access
Insightful, Easy Reporting
Practice Expert's powerful reporting options give you easy insight into your practice. Just a click on a report gives you immediate insight into your current AR, how payers, providers, procedures and products are performing, and much more.
Smooth Scheduling and
Patient Management
With the at-a-glance dashboard, your staff can quickly see which patients are waiting, which have been roomed, what follow-up is needed, what patient payments are owed, and more.

Scheduling and
Patient Records
Register or edit new patient records quickly
with a few clicks or shortcut keys

Organize and generate patient
reminders easily

Customize your scheduling preferences
with time blocks and color codes

Check-in patients, assign a room and more
with conflict alerts that avoid problems.

Notify patients of new services with
in-system marketing letters and notices
to the patient portal

Financial Management
Use reminders & alerts to collect patient
co-pays, balances, etc.

See your Balances by Coverage in a
ready-to-use report that gives you a
snapshot of your revenue

Check contracted vs. actual amounts from
payers to insure accurate reimbursement

View employee daily productivity to
improve profitability

Scan and store insurance cards and other
documents quickly for easy access

Powerful reporting options give you easy
insight into your practice

Ready-to-use reports ensure you are
aware of any problems with patient or
payer revenue

Get at-a-glance views of your practice
profitability with bar charts and other tools

Avoid errors and denials with built-in
checks and balances on claims, charges,
write-offs and more

Easily export reports to Excel, Crystal,
PDF formats

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<No long-term contracts – Month to month.