Your practice management system is fully
integrated and easier than you hoped.

Robust practice management with easy navigation
Streamline your practice management with the system that does everything you need easily and with as few clicks as possible.

Smooth scheduling & patient management
With the at-a-glance dashboard, your staff can quickly see which patients are waiting, which have been roomed, what follow-up is needed, what patient payments are owed, and more.

Greater accuracy & faster payment
Whether it’s insuring your staff collects patient payments at time of treatment or that your claims are submitted correctly and timely, your revenue will flow faster than ever before. With Practice Expert’s easy-to-use interface and claim checks, you can be sure that your claims are accurate and more likely to be paid on first submission, speeding your revenue cycle and reducing your cost per claim. On demand eligibility checks insure instant verification of benefits.

Insightful, easy reporting
Practice Expert’s powerful reporting options give you easy insight into your practice. Just a click on one of the more than 200 reports gives you immediate insight into your current AR, how payers, providers, procedures and products are performing, and much more.

Those are just the highlights. Here is the full list of features you’ll find in Cal-Med's Practice Expert:
  • Electronic Claims (Primary & Secondary)
  • Automatic Claim Alerts & Tracking
  • Automatic Secondary Claim Submission
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Practice Fee Schedule
  • Recurring, Repetitive, Cycle, Industrial/Physical Service Lines Posting
  • Insurance-Specific Contract Rates
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Electronic Patient Statements
  • Print & Mail Statements (batch or individualized)
  • Multi-Resource Scheduling
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Reminders (via Email)
  • Customized Multi-Doctor, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Schedules
  • User-Specific To-Do Lists
  • User Audit & Security
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